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Polyimide (PI) refers

February 8, 2024

Latest company news about Polyimide (PI) refers

Polyimide (PI) refers to a type of polymer containing an imide ring (-CO-NR-CO-) in the main chain. It is one of the organic polymer materials with the best comprehensive properties. It has a high temperature resistance of over 400°C and a long-term use temperature range of -200~300°C. Some of them have no obvious melting point and have high insulation properties. The dielectric constant is 4.0 at 103 Hz and the dielectric loss is only 0.004~0.007, which belongs to the F to H class. insulation.
According to the chemical structure of the repeating units, polyimides can be divided into three types: aliphatic, semi-aromatic and aromatic polyimides. According to the inter-chain interaction force, it can be divided into cross-linked type and non-cross-linked type.
As a special engineering material, polyimide has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, microelectronics, nanometers, liquid crystals, separation membranes, lasers and other fields.


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