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Uses of antioxidant BHT 128-37-0

November 6, 2023

Latest company news about Uses of antioxidant BHT 128-37-0

Uses of antioxidant BHT 128-37-0


BHT (2,6-di-tert-butyl-p-cresol), also known as T501, 264,


1. Antioxidant BHT can effectively inhibit and delay the oxidation life of plastic or rubber.


2. Antioxidant BHT is a stabilizer for synthetic rubber (nitrile, polyurethane, styrene-butadiene, butadiene, etc.), polyethylene, and PVC. BHT has a protective effect on the thermo-oxidative aging of butadiene, styrene butadiene, butyl, isopentyl, nitrile, synthetic rubber, ethylene propylene acrylate and latex products.


3. Antioxidant BHT is an excellent antioxidant used in various petroleum products. When the working temperature is 100 degrees, the antioxidant BHT has the best antioxidant effect. Antioxidant BHT is widely used as an antioxidant in turbine oil, transformer oil, hydraulic oil, thermal oil, brake oil, spindle oil, precision machinery oil and paraffin. The antioxidant BHT can be added directly or added to the mother liquor. In order to improve the antioxidant properties of the product and extend its service life. The antioxidant BHT is used in combination with long-chain alkaline ZDDP and TCP metal rust inhibitors. The modifiable antioxidant BHT can prevent the acid value or viscosity of lubricants, fuel oils, and anti-wear hydraulic oils from rising.


4. As a food additive, the antioxidant BHT can delay the rancidity of food. Antioxidant BHT is used in animal and vegetable fats and foods containing animal and vegetable fats.


5. Antioxidant BHT can also be used in inks, adhesives, leather, casting, printing and dyeing, coatings and electronic industries.


6. The antioxidant BHT is also a stabilizer for cosmetics and drugs. Adding amount of antioxidant BHT: 0.01%-2%.

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