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Trixylyl phosphate 25155-23-1

November 23, 2023

Latest company news about Trixylyl phosphate 25155-23-1

Trixylyl phosphate 25155-23-1
Abbreviation: TXP
Product category Phosphorus flame retardant plasticizer
Molecular formula: C24H27O4P
Molecular weight: 410
This product has low volatility, hydrolysis resistance, and good flame retardancy. It is used in flame-resistant turbine oil. It has good thermal oxidation stability and lubricity. It can be used as an extrusion anti-wear additive and plasticizer for lubricating grease. It is also used as flame-retardant, wear-resistant and mold-resistant cables, PVC conveyor belts, artificial leather, foam, and floor materials. It can also be used as flame-resistant hydraulic oil in metallurgy, electric power, mechanical engineering, etc.
Net weight: 200kg/230kg galvanized iron drum
Storage conditions and shelf life: When storing, transporting, loading, unloading and using the product, refer to the SH/T0164 standard and the safety data sheet of the product. This product is non-flammable, non-explosive and non-corrosive. The maximum storage temperature should not exceed 75℃; if stored for a long time, the maximum temperature should not exceed 45℃. For product safety, user health and environmental precautions, please refer to the safety data sheet of the product.


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