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The effect of CFI brand maltodextrin on food✨

February 17, 2023

Latest company news about The effect of CFI brand maltodextrin on food✨

The effect of CFI brand maltodextrin on food


What is the composition of maltodextrin?

It is closely related to its hydrolysis process, starch type, and the presence of other components (such as protein, fat, etc.) in starch.

Maltodextrins with different DE values have different functions and properties: such as thickening, gelling, reducing product sweetness, changing the freezing point of the system, inhibiting the growth of ice crystals, replacing fat, reducing heat energy, improving texture, and being used as a spray or drying carrier, etc.


Application of maltodextrin in food production?

Maltodextrin is widely used in food production, and its market prospect is very broad.

How to use maltodextrin is one of the topics of interest to food production technicians.


Thickening effect of maltodextrin?

It is used to increase viscosity, enhance product dispersion and dissolve maltodextrin, which has better emulsification and thickening effects.

It is used in soy milk, instant oatmeal, and malted milk to thicken, absorb odor, improve taste, and extend shelf life;

In milk tea, fruit crystals, instant tea, solid tea, non-dairy milk, and coffee mate, it is used to increase the mellow, delicate, and rich taste and reduce costs;

In coconut milk, peanut almond milk, and various lactic acid drinks, it enhances the emulsifying power, making the product stable and not easy to precipitate;

In various cans or soups, it is used to thicken and improve structure, appearance, and flavor.


How to get a sample of maltodextrin?

Just tell us your address and pay for the shipping.


What is the quality of maltodextrin?

Water, % ≤6.0, Solubility, % ≥98.0, Sulphated ash, % ≤0.5, DE numeric value 12.2.


Packaging of maltodextrin?

25kg/500kg/1000kg bag


Where to Buy Maltodextrin?

CFI is a comprehensive chemical trading company dedicated to the procurement of fine chemicals around the world.

It is the best choice for you to stabilize your supply chain.(

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