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Sodium-ion Battery Development Trends

October 24, 2023

Latest company news about Sodium-ion Battery Development Trends

Sodium-ion Battery Development Trends

The relevant materials for sodium-ion batteries include the following: sodium salts (sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium acetate, sodium oxalate, sodium citrate, sodium nitrate, sodium hydroxide), positive electrode materials (more than 100 types in total, metal oxides , polyanionic compounds and Prussian blue compound systems), negative electrode materials (hard carbon, soft carbon, titanium-based oxides and alloys, etc.), separator materials (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene separators, fluoropolymer separators, cellulose separators, Composite separators, etc.), electrolytes (carbonates, ethers, aqueous electrolytes, ionic liquid electrolytes, solid polymer electrolytes, sulfide solid electrolytes, etc.).

In March 2022, the China National Development and Reform Commission released the 14th Five-Year Plan for Energy Storage Development, requiring energy storage to play an important role in the dual carbon goals. Therefore, the development of energy storage technology has always been one of the key industries supported by the country.

As a competitor to lithium-ion batteries, sodium-ion batteries are still in the process of deep industrialization.

According to Chemfine, currently, because the energy density of sodium-ion batteries is lower than that of lithium-ion batteries and the cost difference is not significant, they cannot yet replace lithium batteries. At the same time, the stability of the industrial development of sodium-ion batteries will take time to be verified. Therefore, the current industrial chain of sodium-ion batteries is not yet mature, and the industry is in its early stages. If the degree of industrialization increases, it will bring further cost advantages of scale.

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