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PVP has rich application scenarios,such as medicine and food have high purity requirements

October 31, 2023

Latest company news about PVP has rich application scenarios,such as medicine and food have high purity requirements

PVP is the BDO downstream chemical product with the highest added value and the most growth potential in application scenarios.

The main raw material of PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone, also called povidone) is BDO, which is produced through catalytic dehydrogenation to GBL, which is then reacted with ammonia, acetylene, etc. to generate NVP monomer (vinylpyrrolidone), which is then polymerized to obtain PVP. PVP was invented by German scientist Walter J. Reppe in 1939. Because of its non-toxic, non-ionic, inert, temperature-resistant, stable pH, biocompatibility and other performance advantages, PVP was first used as a plasma solubilizer in the 1940s. So far, the application scenarios of PVP have been expanded to many high value-added fields such as medicine, food, cosmetics, new energy, etc., and it is the most promising downstream fine chemical product of BDO.

PVP has rich application scenarios, and high-end downstream industries such as medicine and food have high purity requirements and long certification cycles.

According to application scenarios, PVP products can be divided into industrial grade, pharmaceutical grade, food grade, cosmetic grade, etc. Among them, industrial grade is mainly used in traditional demand fields such as water treatment, stationery, coatings, printing and dyeing, as well as emerging new energy fields such as lithium battery cathode dispersants and photovoltaic silver powder additives;

food grade is mainly used in beer and beverage clarifiers;

pharmaceutical grade is mainly used in Used in pharmaceutical excipients, sustained-release additives, carriers, etc.;

cosmetic grade is mainly used in products such as conditioners, hair gels, and sunscreens.

Among them, pharmaceutical and food-grade products have higher barriers and added value, and need to go through more stringent NVP purification and PVP polymer drying processes to ensure product purity.

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