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Photoinitiator 2959 IRGACURE 659 CAS NO.106797-53-9

July 25, 2023

Latest company news about Photoinitiator 2959 IRGACURE 659 CAS NO.106797-53-9

Photoinitiator-651 (Irgacure-651) can absorb ultraviolet radiation energy during the ink curing process to form free radicals or cations, trigger polymerization, crosslinking and grafting reactions of monomers and oligomers, and cure the ink into a three-dimensional network structure polymer in a short time.


Based on the diverse downstream needs, companies in the industry often need to have 8-10 kinds of photoinitiators, and most photoinitiator manufacturers only have the ability to supply a single or a few types of products.

Therefore, if you are worried about purchasing by yourself, please contact immediately.

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