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July 14, 2023

Latest company news about Photoinitiator

Photoinitiator (photoinitiator), also known as photosensitizer (photosensitizer) or photocuring agent (photocuring agent), is a kind of energy that can absorb a certain wavelength in the ultraviolet light region (250-420nm) or visible light region (400-800nm) to produce Free radicals, cations, etc., thereby initiating monomer polymerization, crosslinking and curing compounds.

With the continuous development of science and technology, various new materials that need to use UV curing technology continue to emerge.

1. The development of photoinitiators in emerging industries such as 3D printing, optical thin films, and microelectronics industries is also constantly evolving and iterating. BP, 1173, 184.

2. Photoinitiators have been used in furniture manufacturing and building materials industries, and their application areas include hardwood floors, PVC floors, wooden and metal furniture, and sealing primers for wooden particleboards. TPO, 1173, 1116, 184, 907.

3. Photoinitiator In the electronic information industry, typical products include wires, printed circuit board coatings, optical fibers, magnetic dielectric coatings, photoresist (photoresist), etc. It will be one of the directions of vigorous development in the next 5-10 years. The author recommends. EED, BDK, DETX, ITX, 369.

4. Typical applications in the field of consumer goods include peelable coatings for adhesives, leather coatings, plastic substrate coatings, glass lenses for eyeglasses, etc. ITX, DETX, TPO, 907.


Based on the diverse downstream needs, companies in the industry often need to have 8-10 kinds of photoinitiators, and most photoinitiator manufacturers only have the ability to supply a single or a few types of products.

Therefore, if you are worried about purchasing by yourself, please contact immediately.

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