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Effects of PST and MMDS additives on battery performance

October 30, 2023

Latest company news about Effects of PST and MMDS additives on battery performance

Effects of PST and MMDS additives on battery performance

At present, electrolyte additives that are more studied include: vinylene carbonate (VC), fluoroethylene carbonate (FEC), propylene sulfite (PS), vinyl sulfate (DTD), propenyl-1,3-sulfonate Additives such as acid lactone (PST) and methylene methane disulfonate (MMDS) have gradually been used in many aspects in silicon-carbon anode systems, thereby better improving the overall performance of battery materials.

Thioorganic solvents are good film-forming additives for the solid electrolyte interface film (SEI) of lithium-ion batteries. They can effectively improve the characteristics of the SEI film and thereby enhance the performance of the battery.

By adding two additives, propenyl-1,3-sultone (PST) and methylene methane disulfonate (MMDS), the effects of the additives on the high-temperature cycle and high-temperature storage performance of the silicon-carbon anode system were compared and used together. Improvements in many aspects.

By analyzing the DFT density functional theory calculation results of different additives, it can be known that both additives have the characteristic of preferentially forming films on the negative electrode, thus inhibiting the decomposition of carbonate solvents and the like.

In terms of high-temperature cycle performance testing, PST has a smaller polarization increase than MMDS due to its excellent film-forming properties, resulting in better lithium ion de/intercalation reversibility.

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