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Coating related chemicals: dodecyl alcohol ester

October 17, 2023

Latest company news about Coating related chemicals: dodecyl alcohol ester

Coating related chemicals: dodecyl alcohol ester



With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, water-based latex paint, one of the decorative materials, has become the main material for building interior wall decoration. At the same time, the application rate of building exterior wall decoration has also reached 35%.

However, many latex polymers used in latex paint cannot form films at room temperature. In order for latex paint to form a complete coating film, film-forming additives that can act as agglomerators must be added.

Film-forming additives are usually very soluble and evaporate very slowly, which can soften the latex polymer particles, allowing these particles to coalesce and fuse together to better form a film. In addition to reducing the minimum film-forming temperature of latex paint, film-forming additives can also improve the latex paint's weather resistance, scrubability, color development of the coating and other paint film properties.

Dodecyl alcohol ester is widely used in building and decoration materials in my country and is a very ideal film-forming additive.

Compared with other film-forming aids, the advantages of dodecyl alcohol ester are:

1. It has low water solubility and is easily absorbed by latex ions. It can be directly contacted and is easier to swell the latex particles;

2. The volatilization speed is low, and it remains in the latex paint coating before film formation. The solvent function will not be affected by the volatilization of water, and the continuity of film formation is good;

3. It has appropriate volatility and will evaporate completely within a short period of time after the latex paint film is formed. It will not affect the hardness and gloss expected in the latex paint formula design.

Latex paint that uses dodecyl alcohol ester as a film-forming additive, the latex particles are more closely combined and continuous when forming a film, and can form a smooth and uniform paint film. It has excellent leveling and anti-hanging properties and can withstand harsh environments. Forms a good paint film under temperature and humidity conditions.


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