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Bisphenol A's price on September 22, 2022, was about 15575RMB/T, a slight rebound.

September 23, 2022

The Bisphenol A is referred to as BPA for short, the price on September 22, 2022 was about 15575RMB/T, a slight rebound.
Chemical formula: C15H16O2
Molecular weight: 228.286
CAS Number: 80-05-7
EINECS No.: 201-245-8
It is widely used in plastic manufacturing, including beverage bottles, food containers and feeding bottles.

CFI believes that the main reason for the rise in the price of bisphenol A is the shortage of supply. Recently, the equipment has been overhauled. Although the 150,000-ton/year bisphenol-A unit of a company in Yanshan has been resumed, it is mainly for contract and self-use. A company in Shanghai has 120,000 tons/year. The bisphenol A plant is still in the state of shutdown for maintenance. In addition, the National Day is approaching, and the company's purchase and stocking demand is relatively high. The supply of bisphenol A is tight, and the price has increased significantly.

The upstream of the bisphenol A industry chain is the raw material supplier, mainly including phenol and acetone, and the downstream is the application market, mainly including polycarbonate (PC), epoxy resin, etc. As of 2021, there are 11 Shuangpan A production enterprises in China, with a production capacity of nearly 2.6 million tons. Among them, Covestro, Changchun Chemical, and Shandong Lihua are the leading domestic bisphenol A companies. The three production capacity together account for nearly 60% of the domestic market share, and the industry concentration is relatively high. From the perspective of regional distribution, the region with the largest domestic production capacity of Double Hope A is East China, accounting for 78% of the country's total domestic production capacity, followed by North China, accounting for about 20%.
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